Life on Campus

We believe that learning is embedded in the relationships that you form and develop, whether with classmates and faculty members or with your experience of the natural world. Our community is small enough that you can know everyone and be known.

You will get many opportunities to bond and connect with your peers through various clubs and communities, extra-curricular activities, and cultural fests. These interactions not only enhance the overall personality of our students but are also essential for creating a well-balanced learning environment for them.

A home away from home, the campus offers many outlets of creative independence for students to pursue their interests and hobbies while also providing opportunities to participate in community services.

Student Panoramas:                                                                                                 Newsletters:

Edition 1 - Bienvenidos Freshers                                                                                                 Hostel Newsletter 2023-24 

Edition 2 - Timed Voyage

Edition 3 - Ascension

Edition 4 - 361 Degrees

Edition 5 - Neogenesis

Edition 6 - Interlude Edition

Edition 7 - Realm & Renaissance

TICC Magazines:

New Vision - First Edition

New Vision - Second Edition