Centre for Academic Practices and Student Learning

CAPSL (Centre for Academic Pracitices and Student Learning) has started in the year 2016 in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin under the present contemporisation program at TIET. The basic objective of this new direction program is to motivate and train the faculty members of various Departments to excel in their teaching by shifting from Teacher centric learning to student centric learning. The program focuses on the professional development of the faculty by training them through various modules, showcase events, Community of Practices (COP), expert session etc. After completion of preliminary module, the interested faculty members are also sent to Trinity College Dublin for further learning of advanced modules. The faculty members who have completed the advanced modules become the trainers for the trainee faculty. Dr. Michael Wride, Dr. Michelle Share and Dr. Ciara O'Farrell from Trinity College Dublin are also part of the training program during both preliminary modules and advanced modules.