The third rendition of Thapar’s Annual Literary Festival, Eclectiza 2018 was held over a single weekend on 17th Feb – 18th Feb 2018.

Eclectiza kicked off on the first day with its flagship event, Major Chandrakant Nair’s General Quiz. Bolstered by the quizmaster’s reputation and the lure of the prize money, the quiz saw participation from over 25 teams, including top teams from the quizzing communities of Delhi and Chandigarh.

The English Poetry Slam similarly saw the same enthusiasm from the poet community with surprisingly much more participation from the freshers of Thapar, one of whom even managed to take the runner up prize home.

The Challenger’s Debate and the Hindi Presidential Debate led to some of the most engaging debates the judges had seen and the J.A.M. provided an entertaining filler event to satiate the crowd’s appetite for fun.

The first day was brought to a close by the guest talk given by Mr. Saurabh Dwivedi, the Editor-In-Chief of The Lallantop, a leading online journalism publication, who also was the judge presiding judge of the Hindi Presidential Debate.

The second day saw the same enthusiasm from the quizzers for the remaining two quizzes, one of which was conducted by the sophomores of Thapar. Some of the quizzing teams from other colleges stayed overnight to participate.

Just the same the online events saw huge participation with more than forty entries in the writing and movie making competitions.

Feedback from the participants was also very positive with many of the external participants leaving with a promise to come back next year too.

Also thanks to the very cooperating Finance Department and other authorities at Thapar, all of the winners got their prize money and the judges their remunerations on time which greatly helped in furthering the Eclectiza’s repute as one of the best literary fests of North India.

Here are a few photos taken during the two-day event.

Major Chanrakant Nair                                                   Mr. Saurabh Dwivedi