Dr. S.S. Bhatia
Specialisation: Fourier Series, Functional Analysis
Email: ssbhatia@thapar.edu
Designation: Professor
Dr. A.K. Lal
Specialisation: Theoretical Astrophysics, Reliability Analysis and Numerical Analysis
Email: aklal@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate professor
Dr. Mahesh Kumar Sharma
Specialisation: Theoretical Astrophysics, Optimization
Email: mksharma@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate professor
Dr. Deepak Gumber
Specialisation: Finite Groups, Associative Rings
Email: dkgumber@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate professor
Dr. Amit Kumar
Specialisation: Fuzzy Reliability Analysis, Fuzzy Optimization, Vague Set Theory
Email: amitkumar@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate Professor
Dr. Meenakshi Rana
Specialisation: Partition Theory, Number Theory
Email: mrana@thapar.edu
Designation: Assistant Professor
Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma
Specialisation: Solid mechanics, micropolar and microstretch elasticity
Email: satishk.sharma@thapar.edu
Designation: Assistant Professor
Dr. Ankush Pathania
Specialisation: Numerical Astrophysics (Stellar Structures and Oscilations), Numerical Analysis
Email: apathania@thapar.edu
Designation: Assistant Professor
Dr. Jatinderdeep Kaur
Specialisation: Functional Analysis and Fourier Analysis
Email: jkaur@thapar.edu
Designation: Assistant Professor
Dr Sanjeev Kumar
Specialisation: Numerical Analysis
Email: sanjeev.smca@thapar.edu
Designation: Assistant Professor