Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (Deemed University) - Equipments to be procured
List of Equipments to be procured for Centre
S.No. Item Cost(Lac Rs.) Remark
1 ICP-GC 120 For various types of element/metal analysis
2 FT-IR 10 For detailed identification of groups in compounds
3 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) 20 For thermal analysis
4 Water & wastewater analysis lab: Spectrophotometer with accessories, Zeta potential meter, Particle charge detector 30 For analysis of various pollutants
5 Tubular Furnace 10 For heat treatment in controlled atmosphere
6 Surface Analyser 20 For surface area, pore volume determination
7 Environment lab equipments: Ultrasonic flow meter, Open channel flow meter, Microprecision pumps, peristaltic pumps 10 For conducting experiment related to environment
8 Ozone generator with reactor 10 For advanced treatment of effluents
9 Energy measurement lab : Surface temperature probes, Multifunctional environmental instrument (P,T, Velocity,Rh, etc.), Electrical load manager 10 For conducting reactions at high temp & pressure
10 Platinum Crucibles 2 Used in various wet chemical Analysis
11 Fabrication of different Experimental Set up & scale up systems 8 As per requirement
  Total  250