Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology (Deemed University) - Centres of Excellence
Centre of Excellence in Grid Computing

Major Activities:

  • Grid Environments have been established in the Centre.
  • These environments include:
    • Sun Grid: Using Sun V20 Z Servers (03), Sun Ultra Work Stations (03) and SUN Ray Thin Clients (05)
    • Globus Grid: on Linux and Windows
    • Alchemi Grid: for Windows users
    • Condor Grid Middleware
    • Nimrod G Broker
  • A TIET Grid group has been created on Yahoo, which has 25+ active members.
  • Grid Computing was also offered as an Elective subject by the Department.
  • Four Ph.D.s including one full time scholars are working in following areas of Grid Computing
    • Grid Resource Discovery
    • Resource Allocation
    • Resource Scheduling
    • Resource Management
    • Grid security
  • Ten Master’s Theses have also been completed in this area, and eight are in progress.
  • Centre has been active in publishing its outcomes at various national and International events.
Centre of Excellence in Software Repositories Major Activities:
  • Software Reuse as an Elective subject taught first time during Jan-May 2006
  • Publications
    • Amandeep Singh, Rajesh Bhatia, Mayank Dave, R.C. Joshi, “ Innovative Technique for Component Retrieval” at IIT Delhi in an International Conference on Cognitive Systems in January 2005.
    • Rajesh K. Bhatia, Navneet Kaur “Best Component Retrieval from a Component Based Repository”, 2nd Indian International Conference on Artifcial Intelligence (IICAI-05) . 667-675, Pune during December 20-22, 2005. IICAI-05 (IEEE Sposored)
    • Rajesh K. Bhatia, Mayank Dave, R. C. Joshi, “Genetic Algorithm Based Component Retrieval”, International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practices (SERP’06), Las Vegas, during June 22-26, 2006
  • M.E. Software Engineering Thesis Guided in this Area
    • Conceptual and Constraint Similarity in Component Matching
    • Collaborative Tagging for Software Reuse
    • Converting Natural Specifications to Z Center of Excellence in VLSI CAD