R.K. Sharma (Dr.)
Specialisation: Machine Learning, Statistical Methods in Computer Science and NLP
Email: rksharma@thapar.edu
Designation: Professor & Dean of Faculty Affairs
Seema Bawa (Dr.)
Specialisation: Engineering, Network Security, Parallel, Distributed, Grid and Cloud Computing
Email: seema@thapar.edu
Designation: Professor
Rajesh Kumar (Dr.)
Specialisation:Computer Networks, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering
Email: rakumar@thapar.edu
Designation: Professor
Inderveer Chana (Dr.)
Specialisation: Grid and Cloud computing, Software Engineering and Software Project Management
Email: inderveer@thapar.edu
Designation: Professor
Maninder Singh (Dr.)
Specialisation: Network Security, Grid Computing
Email: msingh@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate Professor & Head
Anil Kumar Verma (Dr.)
Specialisation: Wireless Networks, Routing Algorithms and Securing Ad Hoc Networks
Email: akverma@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate Professor
Neeraj Kumar (Dr.)
Specialisation: Routing and Security Issues in Wired/Wireless Networks
Email: neeraj.kumar@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate Professor
Rinkle Rani (Dr.)
Specialisation: Networks, Databases and Algorithms
Email: raggarwal@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate Professor
Shalini Batra (Dr.)
Specialisation: Compiler Construction, Computer Networks, Semantics and Machine Learning
Email: sbatra@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate Professor
Parteek Bhatia (Dr.)
Specialisation: Natural Language Processing, Information Systems, Computing Methodologies
Email: parteek.bhatia@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate Professor