Dr. K. K. Raina
Specialisation:  Condensed Matter Physics(Liquid Crystal)
Email: kkraina@thapar.edu
Designation: Distinguished Professor
Dr. N. K. Verma
Specialisation:  Synthesis and characterization of nanostructural materials
Email: nkvema@thapar.edu
Designation: Senior Professor
Dr. O.P. Pandey
Specialisation:  Solidification
Email: oppandey@thapar.edu
Designation: Senior Professor
Dr. Kulvir Singh
Specialisation: Condensed Matter Physics (Glass, Ceramics & Bio-ceramics)
Email: kusingh@thapar.edu
Designation: Professor
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma
Specialisation: Nuclear Physics
Email: msharma@thapar.edu
Designation: Professor & Head
Dr. Alka Upadhyay
Specialisation: Theoretical High Energy Physics
Email: alka.iisc@gmail.com
Designation: Associate Professor
Dr. Puneet Sharma
Specialisation: Nanomagnetism
Email: puneet.sharma@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate Professor
Dr. Surendra Deo Tiwari
Specialisation: Condensed Matter Physics
Email: sdtiwari@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate Professor
Dr. Dwijendra Pratap Singh
Specialisation: Experimental Solid State Physics
Email: dpsingh@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate Professor
Dr. Bhaskar Chandra Mohanty
Specialisation:  Photovoltaics, Thin film growth dynamics, Flexible and invisible electronics
Email: bhaskar@thapar.edu
Designation: Associate Professor