TIET University, Patiala, Punjab Department of Electronics and communication Engineering PROGRAMME EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES (NEW) (reviewed in May, 2016)


Excel in professional career and higher education by acquiring knowledge in mathematical, scientific and engineering principles.

  • PEO 1.1 Build foundation of fundamentals in mathematics and applied sciences.
  • PEO 1.2 Develop capability of applying basic concepts of mathematics and science in electronics and communication engineering problems.
  • PEO 1.3Build professional prowess to excel in career and enhance employability.

    PEO 2

    Ability to analyze and design an engineering system, component, or process as an optimized solution for the specified needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, manufacturability, and sustainability.

  • PEO 2.1 Develop capability of identifying, designing and solving electronics and communication engineering problems.
  • PEO 2.2 Build hands-on laboratory skills in circuit analysis and simulation.
  • PEO 2.3 Develop awareness of professional and environmental implications of work in a global and societal context.
  • PEO 3

    Inculcate responsibility, ethical attitude, effective communication skills, team work, and multidisciplinary approach in profession through the knowledge of contemporary issues and recent developments.

  • PEO 3.1 Acquire proficiency in oral and written communication skills.
  • PEO 3.2 Inculcate professional conduct and interpersonal skills.
  • PEO 3.3 Develop skills to manage group activity and resolve any conflict with a responsible and ethical attitude.
  • PEO 3.4 Ability to understand new engineering technologies and practices as a professional in an industrial environment.