Solid State Phase Transformation
Thermodynamics: Equilibrium conditions, Statistical thermodynamics of ideal and regular binary solution, Energy of mixing and activity, Derivation of phase diagrams from the model of solutions, Free energy and binary phase diagrams.

Ordering: Ordered and disordered transformation, Intermediate phases and compounds, Superlattices, Degree of order, Ordered domain and their boundaries, Kinetics of ordering.

Nucleation and Growth: Nucleation and transformation, Rate concepts, Precipitation, Ostwald ripening, Spinodal transformation, Discontinuous precipitation, Martensitic transformation, Nucleation of martensite, Pearlitic transformation, Massive transformation.

Transformation in Steel: TTT diagram for Fe-Fe3C system, Transformation in steels, Effect of alloying elements, Various heat treatment processes, Transformation in alloy steels, Superalloys.

Cast Iron: Heat treatment of cast irons, Thermomechanical treatments.

Non-Ferrous Alloys: Ni based alloys, Ti alloys, Al alloys, Cu alloys and their transformation behaviour.

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