Surface Engineering
Introduction: Importance of surfaces and wear surface properties in engineering applications, Current status of surface engineering. Wear modes; Categories of wear, Low stress, High transf and Goughing abrasion, Cavitation, Slurry erosion, Impingement erosion, Fretting wear, Adhesive wear, Seizure, Galling, Oxidative wear, Spalling, Impact wear brinelling.

Plating Processes: Fundamentals of electroplating, Electrodeposition from plating baths, Electroless plating, Mentalliding, Selective plating, Hard anodizing, Other plating processes, Applicability of plating for wear resistance.

Diffusion Processes: Carburising, Pack carburizing, Gas carburizing, Liquid carburizing, Vacuum carburizing, Nitriding, Gas nitriding, Salt nitriding, Iron nitriiiiding, Carbonitridiing.

Surface Hardening: Flame hardening, Induction hardening, Electron beam hardening, Laser hardening, Iron implantation.

Thin Film Coatings: Thermal evaporation, PVD and CVD, Sputter coating, Ion plating, Thin film for wear application, Coating specifications.

Special Surfacing Processes: Rebuilding and surface cements, Wear tiles, Electrospark deposition coatings, Fused carbide cloth ceramic coatings, Wear sleeves, Wear plates.

Hardfacing Processes and Applications: Shielded metal are welding, Gas tungsten arc welding, Gas metal are welding, Flux coaxed are welding, Submerged are welding, Plasma are welding oxyacetylene welding, Furnace fusing, Thermal spray processes and their applications, Hardfacing transforma, Fusion alloys, Non fusion materials. Hardfacing in new designs, Hardfacing for repairs, Hardfacing with fusion processes, Nonfusion deposits, Weldability considerations, Finishing considerations.

Specifications: Characterization and testing of surface coatings, Factors affecting the choice of surface treatments.

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