Solid State and Vapor Phase Processing: Solid state reactions: Calcinations and sintering, Kinematics of solid state reaction, Solid state and liquid phase sintering, Vapour-phase reactions.

Colloidal Processing: Introduction to surface tension, Surface activity, Contact angles, Surfactant structure, Colloid stability, Clectrostatic stabilization, Steric stabilization and flocculation kinetics, polymeric transformation; Rheology of colloidal suspensions.

Sol-Gel Processing: Introduction: gels, Colloidal gels, Polymeric gels; Metal alkoxides for sol-gel process; Hydrolysis, Condensation and gelation, Aging, Drying of gels; Hypercritical drying, Structural changes during drying, Gel densification during firing; Sol-gel preparation techniques; Spplications of sol-gel processing: Thin film and coatings, Fibers, Monolithic ceramics and glasses.

Electroceramics and their Applications: Electronic and ionic conductivity; Solid oxide fuel cells; Ceramic semiconductors. (PZT, BaxSr1TiO3) and other materials based sensors, Actuators, Capacitors and fibers. PTCR effect in ferroelectric materials and their applications.

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