Composite Materials
Introduction: Limitations of conventional engineering materials, Composites-type and their nature.

Analysis of Fibre Reinforced Composites: Micromechanical models, Laminates, Hybrid composites, Short fibre composites.

Strength of Composites: Tensile strength, Statistics of fibres and fibre bundles, Progressive failures in composites, Tensile strength of laminates and its orientation dependence, Compression and shear strength of short fibre reinforced composites.

Fracture and Toughness of Composites: Crack tip process in solids, Crack extension in composites; Matrix and fibre effects, Laminiates.

Fatigue Behaviour of Composites: Damage in composites, Fatique of metal-matrix composites , Reinforced plastics, Effects of holes and notches, Materials factors affecting fatique of reinforced plastics, Fatique of short fibre composites.

Processing: Processing of polymeric, Metallic and ceramic matrix composites

Applications of Composites: Aerospace, Automotive engineering, Chemical, Electrical, Structural bio and marine engineering, Sport goods, Domestic appliances.

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