Crystal Growth –Processing And Techniques
Introduction: Crystal growth, Velocity of growth , Theories and mechanism of growth, Twinning, growth twins, Deformation twins, Transformation twins, Growth in the solid state recrystalization and grain growth.

Crystal Growth Techniques: Growth from melt, Thermodynamic principles and crystal growth equilibria, Nucleation from solution, Melt, vapour and solid phase.

Preparation of Single Crystals: Czochralski method, Bridgman method growth from epitaxy.

Purification: Zone refining and floating zone methods.

Epitaxial Growth: Lattice matching in epitaxial growth, Liquid –phase epitaxy, Vapour phase epitaxy, Molecular beam epitaxy, Growth for polycrystalline materials, Quality assessment by X-ray diffraction and optical techniques, Current trends in crystal growth, Quantum wells and superlattices, Heterostructures, Photochemical deposition, Growth and characterization of large crystals for devices.

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