Electro-Magnetic Properties Of Materials
Introduction: Review of quantum mechanical concepts, Inadequacies of free electron theory, Electron in metals-consequences of interaction with lattice, Brillouin zones and nearly free electron model, Tight binding model for d-states.

Electrical Conducting Materials: Electrical resistivity of metals, Alloys, Multiphase solids and Mattheissen rule, Nordheims Rule, Kondu and spin glass alloys, Ionic and superionic conductors, Properties and their applications.

Dielectric and Insulating Materials: Review of polarization, Clausius Mosotti equation, Mechanisms of polarization, Dielectric permittivity and loss (in brief), Dielectric break down in materials, High K dielectric, Non-linear dielectrics: Ferroelectric, Piezoelectric pyroelectric phenomena, Materials properties including case studies, Ferroelectric thin films, Integrated ferroelectrics, Actuators and Smart materials.

Magnetic Materials: Classification of magnetic materials, Terromagnetism and Exchange interactions, Ferromagnetic domains, Magnetic anisotropy, Magnetic behaviour of polycrystalline materials, Hard and soft magnetic metallic and Intermetallic materials and their characteristics, Ultrafine grain size materials, Garnets, soft and hard ferrites, their properties and applications, Magnetic properties of superconductors and Polymer magnets.

Spintronics: Multi ferroic materials, Magneto-electric coupling phenomena and their materials characteristics.

Laboratory Work: Solid–liquid crystal transition and electro-optic effect in nematic/cholesteric liquid crystal. Spectral response and intensity dependence of Si solar cell and CdS phtoconductor, Electrical properties of metal-semicondutor contact thin film grown on substrate, Band gap of semiconductor, Dielectric constant and dielectric loss of insulator, B-H curve for soft and hard magnetic materials, Verification of Mathiessen’s rule in alloys, Hall voltage measurement on semiconductors, To find the transition temperature of given superconductor sample.

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