Characterization And Testing Of Materials
Introduction: Important parameters describing the materials, Need of materials characterisation, Available characterization techniques etc.

Light / Optical Microscopy: Optical microscope- Basic principles & components, Different examination modes (Bright field illumination, Oblique illumination, Dark field illumination, Phase contrast, Polarised light, Hot stage, Interference techniques), Stereomicroscopy, Photomicroscopy, Colour metallography, Specimen preparation, Applications.

Quantitative Image Analysis: Basic measurements (Grain size, Particle morphology, Particle size & Size distribution) Software for data analysis, Applications

Thermal Analysis: Thermogravimetric analysis, Differential thermal analysis, Differential Scanning calorimetry, Thermomechanical analysis and dilatometry

Powder Characterisation: Important properties of powders and measurement techniques

Mechanical Testing: Introduction of important mechanical properties of materials, Tensile testing, Hardness testing, Impact testing, Fatigue testing, Creep testing, Torsion testing.

Non-destructive Testing: Introduction, Visual examination, Liquid penetrant testing, Magnetic particle testing, Eddy current testing, Radiography, Ultrasonic testing, Acoustic emission testing, Thermography, In-situ metallography

Laboratory Work: Determination of crystal structure and lattice parameters using X-rays diffraction technique, Study of phase diagrams using cooling curves, Determination of crystal structure and lattice parameter from electron diffractions, Study of viscoelastic transition in polymers employing ultrasonic technique, Production of coloured glasses and study of their absorption spectra, Estimation of degree of crystallinity and glass transition temperature of thermoplast, N.D.T. ultrasonic flaw detection, Thermal analysis of alloys, Analysis of fractured surface of metallic, ceramic and polymeric materials, To study the thermal expansion coefficient of various specimen using dilometer.

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