Physical Metallurgy
Introduction: Review of Physical Metallurgy, Structure of metals, Metallographic specimen preparation, Anisotropy, Texture or preferred orientation, Miller indices, Crystal structure of metallic materials, Elementary theory of metals, Internal energy of a crystal, Metallic bonding, Free-electron theory, Zone theory.

Defects: Dislocation and grain boundary, Cross-slip, Slip band, Crystal structure rotation during tensile and compressive deformation, Dislocation interaction, Dislocation model of a small-angle Grain boundary, Degree of freedom of a grain boundary, Grain boundary energy, The effect of grain boundary on mechanical properties.

Phase Diagrams: Iron-carbon system, Steel, Cast iron, Effect of alloying elements on the Fe-C phase diagram, TTT diagram, Decomposition of austenite, Pearlitic transformation, Bainitic transformation, Martensitic transformation.

Heat Treatment: Heat treatment processes for steels, Stress relieving, Annealing, Normalizing, Spheroidizing, Hardening, Tempering, Austempering, Martempering, Sub-zero treatment, Patenting, Significance and Determination of hardenability. Thermo-mechanical treatment, controlled rolling, Hot-cold rolling, Ausforming, Isoforming, Martempering, Cryoforming, Carburizing, Nyaniding, Nitriding.

Ferrous and Nonferrous: Plain carbon steel, Alloy steels, Manganese steel, Silicon steel, Chromium steel, Nickel steel, Molybdenum steel, High speed steel, Stainless steel, Maraging steel, Spring steel, Valve steel. Cast iron: Grey cast iron, White cast iron, Malleable cast iron, SG Iron, Alloy cast Iron, Aluminium and its alloys, Magnesium alloys, Titanium alloys, Copper and its alloys, Nickel alloys.

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