Mechanical Behaviour Of Materials
Introduction: Intrinsic and extrinsic, Structure sensitive and Structure insensitive properties.

Elastic Behaviour of Metals, Ceramics, Composites and Elastomers: Stress and strain, Atomic model, Elastic constants, Thermal and alloying effects, Anisotropy, Analysis of composites, Yielding and yield criteria.

Dislocation in Crystals: Type, Properties of dislocation, Generation of dislocation, Partial dislocation, Stacking faults, Motion of dislocations (climb, cross-slip), Strain hardening and recovery, Structure of high, Low angle and twin boundaries.

Modes of Deformation: Plastic Deformation: Slip planes and directions, Shear stress, theoretical shear strength of crystals, Strain hardening and recovery, Twining.

Failure of Materials: Brittle and ductile fracture, Creep failure, Fatigue, Development of creep and fatigue resistant materials, Brittle failures in ceramics, Glasses and polymers.

Strengthening Mechanisms: Cold working and annealing, Grain boundary hardening, Solute hardening, Precipitation hardening.

Mechanical Testing: Tensile testing, Hardness testing, Impact testing, Fatigue testing, Creep testing, Torsion testing.

Laboratory Work: To study the stress-strain curves of different metallic samples using tensometer, Deformation by creep in metals, Thermo-mechanical behaviour of rubber, Hardenability of steel by Jominy end quench test method, Mechanical behaviour/strength of glass, Young’s modulus and strength of fiber, Rockwell, Brinell hardness of metallic samples, Effect of heat treatment on yield strength and creep resistance of metallic wire, Decomposition of austenite as a function of cooling rate and the tempering the martensite as a function of temperature in 0.8% carbon steel, The precipitation hardening of Al-alloys on Isothermal aging, Grain size and microstructure changes of metallic sample(s) with respect to heat treatment, Hardness of a specimen by Vicker micro hardness tester, Wear behaviour of a given metallic materials.

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