Structure And Properties Of Materials
Materials Classification: Engineering materials and their classification: metals/ceramics/composites, Structure-property-processing co-relationship as a theme of materials science, Different levels of crystal structure.

Bonding in Solids: Review, Primary and secondary bonds, Mixed bonding, Potential energy vs bond length criteria, Concept of bond length and nature of bonding Madelung energy and bulk modulus for ionic solids, And its significance.

Crystal Structure: Space lattice, Basis, Crystal systems, Miller Indices for directions and planes, Crystal structures of solids, Close packed structures, Crystal structures of NaCl, CsCl, Diamond cubic, Zinc Blende, Wurtzite, Rutile, Flourite, Fullerenes, Spinel, Perovskite etc.

Point Defects and Diffusion: Defect structure, point, Vacancies and substitutional impurities, Diffusion, Laws of diffusion and their kinetics.

Phase rule and Phase diagrams: Laws of thermodynamics, Solutions, Stability and metastability, Thermodynamic functions, Phase rule and phase diagrams, Solid solutions, Hume Rothery rules, Intermediate phases and compounds, Unary and binary systems, Isomorphous and eutectic systems, Various phase reactions, Introduction to different phase diagrams, Ternary system, Cooling curve and its use for drawing phase diagrams, Zone refining.

Non-crystalline Structures: General features and classification, Structure models for amorphous materials-microcrystalline chain and ring model, Molecular model. Structure and properties of metallic glass and amorphous semiconductors.

Thermal Properties: Lattice vibrations, vibrations of simple lattice-optical and acoustic phonons, Heat capacity, Thermal expansion, Thermal conductivity thermal stress in materials with example and characteristics in metals and non-metals.

Optical Behavior: Interaction of radiation with matter (metals and non-metals), Phosphorscence, luminescence and optical active materials, Structure property relationship in anisotropic media.

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