Course Syllabi: UES009 Mechanics (L : T : P :: 2 : 1 : 0)


1.      Course number and name: UES009 Mechanics


2.      Credits and contact hours: 2.5 and 3


3.      Text book, title, author, and year


Text Books / Reference Books

·         Shames, I. H. Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, Pearson Education India (2002).

·         Beer, Johnston, Clausen and Staab, Vector Mechanics for Engineers, Dynamics, McGraw-Hill Higher Education (2003).

·         Hibler, T.A., Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics, Prentice Hall (2012).

·         Timoshenko and Young, Engineering Mechanics, Tata McGraw Hill Education Private Limited (2000).


a.       Other supplemental materials

·         Nil


4.      Specific course information

a.       Brief description of the content of the course (catalog description)


Review of Newton’s law of motion and vector algebra

Equilibrium of bodies: Free-body diagrams, conditions of equilibrium, torque due to a force, statical determinacy.

Plane trusses: Forces in members of a truss by method of joints and method of sections.

Friction: Sliding, belt, screw and rolling.

Properties of plane surfaces: First moment of area, centroid, second moment of area etc.

Virtual work: Principle of virtual work, calculation of virtual displacement and virtual work.

Work and energy: Work and energy, work-energy theorem, principle of conservation of energy, collisions, principles of momentum etc.

Dynamics of Rigid Bodies: Newton’s Laws, D’Alembert’s Principle, Energy Principles.

Experimental project assignment/ Micro project: Students in groups of 4/5 will do project on

Model Bridge Experiment: This will involve construction of a model bridge using steel wire and wood.


5.      Specific goals for the course

After the completion of the course, the students will be able to:

·        Determine resultants in plane force systems.

·        Identify and quantify all forces associated with a static framework.

·        Solve problems in kinematic and dynamic systems.


6.      Brief list of topics to be covered

·           Plane trusses

·           Friction

·           Virtual work

·           Work and energy

·           Dynamics of rigid bodies