Introduction: Common engineering materials and their important mechanical and manufacturing properties, General classification of manufacturing processes.

Metal Casting: Principles of metal casting, Patterns, Their functions, Types, Materials and pattern allowances, Characteristics of molding sand, Types of cores, Chaplets and chills, their materials and functions, Moulds and their types, Requisites of a sound casting, Introduction to Die Casting.

Metal Forming and Shearing: Forging, Rolling, Drawing, Extrusion, Bending, Spinning, Stretching, Embossing and Coining, Die and Punch operation in press work, Shearing, Piercing and blanking, Notching, Lancing.

Machining Processes: Principles of metal cutting, Cutting tools, their materials and applications, Geometry of single point cutting tool, Cutting fluids and their functions, Basic machine tools and their applications, Introduction to non-traditional machining processes (EDM, USM, CHM, ECM, LBM, AJM, and WJM).

Joining Processes: Electric arc, Gas, Resistance and Thermit welding, Soldering, Brazing and Braze welding, Adhesive bonding, Mechanical fastening (Riveting, Screwing, Metal stitching, Crimping etc.).

Plastic Processing: Plastics, their types and manufacturing properties, Compression molding, Injection molding and Blow molding, Additives in Plastics.

Modern Trends In Manufacturing: Introduction to numerical control (NC) and computerized numerical control (CNC) machines, Programmable automation (FMS, CIM, etc.).

Laboratory Work

Relevant shop floor exercises involving practice in pattern making, Sand casting, Machining, Welding, Sheet metal fabrication techniques, Fitting work and surface treatment of metals, Demonstration of Forge welding, TIG/MIG/GAS/Spot/Flash butt welding, Demonstration on Shaper, Planer and Milling machine.

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