Prerequisite(s): None





Sound Waves: Introduction, Reverberation, Eyring’s Formula, Absorption coefficient, Conditions for good acoustical design, Production and detection of ultrasonic waves and their applications.        

Electromagnetic Waves: Introduction, Maxwell’s equations in differential and integral forms, Concept of displacement current, Electromagnetic wave equations for free space, Conducting and dielectric medium, Poynting theorem, Concept of wave guides.                                                                                                                                                  

Light:  Interference:  thin films, wedge-shaped   films, non-reflecting   films, Newton   rings, Michelson interferometer, Diffraction: single, double and multiple slits, Dispersive and resolving powers. Polarization, its production, and detection.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Quantum Mechanics: Origin of quantum hypothesis, de-Broglie hypothesis of matter waves, Uncertainty principle, Wave function and wave mechanics, Schrodinger equation: steady state form, Quantum mechanical operators, Expectation value, One dimensional solutions: zero potential, step potential, potential barrier and potential well.                 

Laser: Basic concepts, Laser properties, Laser systems: ruby, Nd:YAG, He-Ne, excimer, and semiconductor lasers.                                                                                                         

Text Books:

1.            David, J. G., Introduction to Electrodynamics, Pearson Education (2003).

2.            Ghatak, A., Optics, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. Ltd, New Delhi (2006).

3.            Beiser, A., Concept of Modern Physics, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co. Ltd, New Delhi (2003).

Reference Books:

 1.           Rajendran Baldev Raj and   Palanichary P.V., Science & Technology of Ultrasonics

                Ist Edition, Narosa Publications (2007).

 2.           Schiff L. I., Quantum Mechanics,   3rd Edition MC- Graw Hill, (2007)

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