Values: Concept, Types, Rokeach Value Survey.


Different Kinds of Values: Individual, Societal, Material, Psychological, Cultural, Moral And Ethical, Spiritual; The Burgeoning Crises at Each of these levels.


Modern Approach to the Study of Values: Analyzing Individual Human Values such as Creativity, Freedom, Wisdom and Love; Value Spectrum for a Good Life; The Indian Concept of Values, Comparison of eastern and western concept of values.


Ethics: Values, Morals and Ethics; Need for Ethics in Professional Life; Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development and Its Applicability to Engineers.


Professional Ethics: Values in Work Life; Professional Ethics and Ethos; Codes of Conduct, Whistle-Blowing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Case Studies on Ethics in Business.


Introduction to IPR: Nature and Enforcement, International Character of IPRs, Role of IPRs in Economic Development.


Patents: Introduction To Patents, Object of Patent Law, Inventions not Patentable, Obtaining Patents, Rights and Obligations of a Patentee.


Copyrights: Introduction to Copyrights, Subject-Matters of Copyright, Rights Conferred by Copyright, Infringement, Assignment and Licensing Of Copyrights, Copyright Societies, International Copyright, Performers’ Rights.


Trademarks: Functions, Significance and Types of Trademarks, Distinctiveness and Deceptive Similarity, Registration Procedure, Trademark Registry, Grounds for Refusal of Registration of Trademarks, Concurrent Use, Character Merchandising.


Trade Secrets: Meaning, Types of Trade Secrets, Statutory Position of Trade Secrets in India, Proofs Required in Trade Secret Litigation Case.


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Reference book/Journal

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