Fundamentals of Communication: Communication defined, Models of Communication, barriers in communication, perception and communication, essentials of good communication.


Modes of human communication: Basic differences in the principal modes of human communication reading, writing, listening, speaking and non-verbal communication.


Spoken communication: Importance of spoken communication, designing receiver-oriented messages, comprehending cultural dimension.


Making Oral presentations: Functions of presentations, defining objective, audience analysis, collection of materials, organization of materials, body language, effective delivery techniques.


Written communication: Fundamentals of sentence structure, writing as a process.


Fundamental of technical writing: Special features of technical writing, the word choice, developing clarity and conciseness, Report writing, Business letters, Applications and resumes.


Transactional Analysis: Three human ego states, 4 life positions, different types of transactions.


The significance of communication in a business organization: Channels of communication Downwards, Upwards, Horizontal, Consensus, and Grapevine.


Literary discussions: Analysis and discussion of the novel The Funda of Mix-ology and short stories from the books Under the banyan tree and other stories and Popular short stories.


Laboratory work:


Audio-visual aids for effective communication: The role of technology in communication, the role of audio-visuals, designing transparencies, computer-aided presentation software, etc.


Software-aided activities in developing communication skills:

Proper pronunciation, Learning to use the correct tense, Business writing, Report writing,

Connected speech, Building up vocabulary, Awareness about the common errors in the usage of English, etc.


Case studies, group discussions, presentations.



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