Introduction: Representations of discrete signals and systems and basic operators, z-Transforms, Causality and Stability in terms of z-transform, Bilateral z-transform, Computation of z-transform.


Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT): Discrete Fourier Series, Discrete Fourier Transform and its Properties, Efficient Computation of DFT using FFT algorithms, Linear Filtering Approach to Computation of DFT.


Digital Filter Structure: Describing Equation, Structures for FIR Systems and  Structure for IIR Systems. Representation of Structures using Signal Flow Graph.


Design of Digital Filters: Introduction, Difference between analog filters and digital filters, Implementation of digital filter, Types of filters, LTI systems as filters, Design of IIR filters from analog filters, IIR filter design using Butterworth Approximation, Frequency transformation, FIR filters design, Least square filter design, Designing digital filter from pole-zero placement, Butterworth filter design using Bilinear transformation, FIR filter design using windows, Design of filters using pole-zero combination.


Hardware Architecture of DSP Processor:  Introduction, Desirable features of DSP processors, Types of architectures, Internal architecture of ADSP-21xx family, Features of ADSP-21xx family processors, System interface, Instruction set of ADSP-21xx, ADSP-21xx Development tools, ADSP-210x Processors, TMS DSP processor,.


Analysis of Finite Word-length Effects: Introduction, The quantization process and errors, Analysis of coefficient quantization effects in FIR filters, A/D conversion noise analysis, Analysis of arithmetic roundoff errors, Dynamic range scaling, Low sensitivity digital filters, Reduction of product roundoff errors, Limit cycles in IIR filters, Roundoff errors in FFT algorithms.


Applications: Dual-tone multi frequency signal detection, Spectral analysis using DFT, Short term DFT, Musical sound processing, oversampling A/D converter, Oversampling D/A  converter, Protection.

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