Prerequisite(s): None






Units, Systems and Standards: Review of system of units, SI units, Classification of standards, Time and frequency standards, Electrical standards: Standards of emf and resistance, Frequency dependence of resistance, Inductance and Capacitance.

Electromechanical Indicating Instruments: PMMC galvanometer, Ohmmeter, Electrodynamometer, Moving iron meter, Rectifier and thermo-instruments, Comparison of various types of indicating instruments.

Power and Energy Measurement: Electrodynamometer type of wattmeter and power factor meter, Power in poly phase system: two wattmeter method, Single-phase induction and Electronic energy meters.

Bridge Measurements: Wheatstone bridge and its sensitivity analysis, Kelvin double bridge, AC bridges: Applications and conditions for balance, Maxwell’s bridge, Hay’s bridge, Schering bridge, Wien’s bridge, De Sauty’s bridge, Insulation testing, Ground resistance measurement, Varley and Murray loop test.

Instrument Transformers: Current and Voltage transformers, Constructional features, Ratio and Phase angle errors.

Magnetic Measurements: Determination of B
-H curve and hysteresis loop, Measurement of iron losses with Llyod Fisher square.

Electronic Instruments: Basic principle and advantages, D.C. voltmeter with direct coupled amplifier, Chopper stabilized amplifier, Electronic multimeter, Digital voltmeters, General characteristics ramp type voltmeter, Quantization error, Digital frequency meter/Timer, Q meter and its applications, Distortion meter, Wavemeter and Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscopes: Block diagram, CRT, Electrostatic deflection, CRT circuits, Multi
-beam and Multitrace oscilloscopes, Applications of oscilloscopes, Storage type digital oscilloscopes.

Laboratory work

Experiments around sensitivity of wheat stone bridge, Comparison of various types of indicating instruments, Single-phase induction type energy meter, Kelvin double bridge, AC bridges, Measurement of iron losses with Llyod Fisher square, Storage type digital oscilloscopes.


Text Book

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  2. Helfrick, A.D., and Cooper, W.D., Modern Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Techniques, Prentice Hall of India (2007).


Reference Books

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