Graph theory and Network equations: Graph, Tree and link branches, Network matrices, Incidence matrix, Basic loop and cut set matrices, Relation between network matrices, Choice of linearly independent network variables, Topological equations for loop current and topological equation for nodal voltage, Source transformation Tellegenís theorem and its applications.

Network Theorems and Two Port Network for AC circuits: Theveninís theorem, Nortonís theorem, Millman's theorem, Reciprocity theorem and Maximum power transfer theorem as applied to A.C. circuits, Two port network description in terms of open circuits impedance, Short circuit admittance, Hybrid and inverse hybrid, ABCD and inverse ABCD parameters, Image parameters, Inter-connection of two port network, Indefinites admittance matrix and its applications, Duality networks.


Inductively Coupled Circuits: Dot convention, Coefficient of coupling, mutual inductance in loop and nodal equations.


Filters : Classification of filters, Analysis of prototype filter section, Analysis  of a prototype low pass filter, High pass filter, Band pass filter, Band stop filter, M-derived filter, Low pass filter with RC and RL circuits, High pass filter with RC and RL circuits, Low pass filter with RLC circuit. Introduction of different types of active filters.


Attenuators: Attenuation, Types of attenuators, Symmetrical T-type attenuator, Symmetrical p-type attenuator, Symmetrical bridged T-type attenuator, Symmetrical lattice type attenuator, Asymmetrical L-type attenuator, Asymmetrical p-type attenuator.


Network Synthesis: Synthesis vs. analysis, Elements of circuit synthesis, LL FPB networks, Purpose and scope of network synthesis.


Positive Real Functions: Definition, Necessary and sufficient conditions for a function to be positive real, Testing of driving point functions for positive realness.


FOSTER and CAUER Forms: Foster and cauer forms of LC Networks, Synthesis of RC and RL networks.


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