Course Objectives:

1.      To know about the distribution system and its planning

2.      To learn about types of load and their characteristics

3.      To impart learning about the design of operational area of distribution system


Introduction to Power System Planning and Automation: Introduction, Distribution system planning, Factors affecting system planning, present planning techniques, planning models, future trends in planning, systems approach, distribution automation


Load Characteristic: Basic definition, relation between load and loss factors, maximum diversified demand, load forecasting, Load management.


System Planning: Planning process, planning criteria, system developers, dispersed generation, distribution systems, economics and finance, mapping.


Design and Operation: Engineering design, operation criteria, substation and feeder, voltage control, harmonics, load variations, system losses, energy management.


Distribution System Voltage Regulation: Quality of Service and Voltage Standards, Voltage Control, Line Drop Compensation, Distribution capacitor automation, Voltage fluctuations.


Distribution Automation: Definitions, communication, sensors, SCADA.


Optimization: Introduction, costing of schemes, typical network configurations, planning terms, network cost modeling, synthesis of optimum line network.


Distribution System Protection: Objective of distribution system protection, coordination of protective devices, fuse to fuse co-ordination, recloser to recloser coordination, recloser to fuse coordination, recloser to substation transformer high side fuse coordination, fuse to circuit breaker coordination, recloser to circuit breaker coordination, high impedance faults, lightning protection.


Course Learning Outcomes (CLO):

On the completion of the course, the student will be able:

1.      To learn the operational aspects of distribution system

2.      To familiarization with distribution system configurations, loads, power flow,

3.      To analyse the effect of reconfigurations

4.      To learn about the protection in distribution systems.





Recommended Books:

1.        Gonen, Turan, Electric Power Distribution System Engineering, CRC PRESS (2012), Third Indian Reprint

2.        Pabla,A S. , Electric Power Distribution, TMH (2011).