Course Objectives:

1.      To review the discrete control system and their mathematical modelling

2.      To impart learning about s-plane and z-plane transformations

3.      To understand the state diagrams and their analysis

4.      To know about the stability criteria in control systems

Introduction: Review of discrete data control system, Signal conversion and processing, mathematical modeling of convolution integral and sampling process, S-plane properties


z-Transform: Definition, relation between Laplace and z-transform, s-plane and z-plane, inverse z-transform, z-transform theorems, difference equation solutions, delayed and modified z-transform.


Analysis of Digital Control Systems: Transfer functions, block diagrams and signal flow graph, closed loop system characteristic equation, multi-rate discrete data system, state equations and state transition equations, Eigen values and eigen-vector, state diagram and decomposition of discrete data transfer functions, controllability and observability.


Stability Analysis: Steady state error analysis of digital control systems, Root locus for digital control systems, effect of addition of poles and zeros, polar plot of GH(z), Jury’s stability test, Nyquist stability criteria, Lyapunov stability criteria, concept of relative stability


Design of Discrete Data Control System:  Digital PID controller, design in z-plane using Root-locus, Design of robust control systems, Time optimal control with energy constraints. Principle of optimality and dynamic programming, adaptive control systems.


Course Learning Outcomes (CLO):

On the completion of the course, the student will be able:

1.      To learn about the discrete digital control system

2.      To perform the stability analysis using various techniques,

3.      To design and develop of PID controller

Recommended Books:

1.        Kuo B.C., Digital Control Systems, Oxford univ. press, (2009)

2.        Ogatta, K., Discrete time control systems, Prentice Hall, Int., (1987)

3.        Franklin G.F., Powell J.D., & Workman M.L., Digital Control of Dynamic Systems, Addison-Wesley, Reading, (1990)

4.        Gopal M., Modern Control System Theory, Wiley Eastern, (1993)