Course Objectives:

1.      To introduce with the concepts of DSP processors and its programming concepts

2.      To discuss the multiplexed I/O system

3.      To introduce field programmable arrays with HDL programming concepts

4.      To discuss the development of power system application around DSp and FPGA


Introduction: C2xx DSP core and code generation, Components of the C2xx DSP core, Mapping external devices to the C2xx core, Peripherals and Peripheral Interface, System configuration registers, Memory, Types of Physical Memory, Memory Addressing Modes, Assembly Programming using C2xx DSP, Instruction Set, Software Tools.


Pin Multiplexing (MUX) and General Purpose I/O: Overview, Multiplexing and General Purpose I/O Control Registers, Introduction to Interrupts, Interrupt Hierarchy, Interrupt Control Registers, Initializing and Servicing Interrupts in Software.


ADC Overview: Operation of the ADC in the DSP, Overview of the Event manager (EV), Event Manager Interrupts, General Purpose (GP) Timers, Compare Units, Capture Units and Quadrature Enclosed Pulse (QEP) Circuitry, General Event Manager Information.


Introduction to Field Programmable Gate Arrays: CPLD vs FPGA: Types of FPGA, Xilinx XC3000 series, Configurable logic Blocks (CLB), Input/Output Block (IOB): Programmable Interconnect Point (PIP), Xilinx 4000 series, HDL programming: Overview of Spartan 3E and Virtex II pro FPGA boards, Case study.


Applications: Switched Mode Power Converters, PWM Inverters, DC motor control, Induction Motor Control.


Laboratory Work: Programming on microcontroller and DSP processors, Applications in Static relaying and protection and motor control


Minor Project: Develop controller using DSP/FPGA


Course Learning Outcomes (CLO):

On the completion of the course, the student will be able:

1.      To develop controller application using DSP programming concept.

2.      To identify the architecture of processor concepts for I/O.

3.      To develop speed controller of motor using FPGA.

Recommended Books:

  1. Toliyat, H.A. and Campbell, S.G., DSP Based Electro Mechanical Motion Control, CRC Press (2004).
  2. XC 3000 Series Datasheets (Version 3.1). Xilinx, Inc. (1998).
  3. XC 4000 Series Datasheets (Version 1.6). Xilinx, Inc. (1999).
  4. Wolf, W., FPGA Based System Design, Prentice Hall Inc. (2004).