Course Objective: To learn the basics and advanced concepts of fluids and fluid flow including flow of compressible fluids, laminar and turbulent boundary layer flows and multiphase flow.


Introduction: Basic fluid flow concepts, Velocity and stress fields, Classification of fluids, Fluid kinematics, Navier-Stokes Equation, Energy equation (Bernoulli), Pipe flows, Pumps and compressors.


Flow of Compressible Fluids: Basic Equations and assumptions, Isentropic flow through nozzles, Adiabatic friction flow, Isothermal friction flow, Sonic and Sub-sonic flows


Boundary Layer: Laminar and turbulent boundary layer flows, Boundary layer parameters, Prandtl’s boundary layer equations, Blasius solution, von-Karman momentum integral equation, Boundary layer separation.


Flow Pattern: Flow pattern of gas-liquid and liquid- liquid concurrent flow in horizontal and vertical tubes.


Pressure Drop and Hold-up:  Holdup relations for various multiphase flow regimes, Friction factor models and Correlations of Lokhart-Martinelli and Hughmark, Evaporating and condensing one component flow, Equations of change with interphase transport.


Drops and Bubble Dynamics: Formation of drops and bubbles, Motion of single drops and bubbles, Effect of circulations and interaction for drops and bubbles.


Course Learning Outcomes (CLO):

1.      Understand and apply the differential equations of fluid mechanics including the ability to apply and understand the impact of assumptions made in the analysis

2.      Understand the concepts of boundary layer and its estimation in different flows

3.      Understand and apply the compressible flow equations and multiphase flow correlations

4.      Understand the dynamics of drops and bubbles quantitatively


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