Course Objective: To learn about air and water pollution control techniques and solid waste management.


Introduction: Environmental pollution and socioeconomic impacts, Concept of EIA, Environmental modelling as a tool for environmental management.


Air Pollution: Air quality modelling for point, line and area sources, Dispersion modelling for short and tall stacks for short and long distances, Dense Gas Dispersion Modelling (DGADIS), Design of various pollution control equipments.


Water Pollution: Surface water quality modelling, Movement and dispersion of pollutants into aquifers, Ground water quality impacts.


Wastewater Treatment Plant Design: Physical unit operations, Chemical precipitation, disinfection, adsorption, Aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment processes, Advanced wastewater treatment processes: electro-chemical treatment methods, advanced oxidation processes, membrane processes.


Industrial Noise Pollution: Properties of noise and its effects, Sources and control of industrial noise pollution.


Solid Waste: Sources and classification, Methods of solid waste disposal, Solids waste and landfill management, Natural composting, Accelerated composting of industrial sludge, Municipal solid waste management, Toxic waste management, Incineration of industrial waste.


Course Learning Outcomes (CLO):

1.      Understanding of air/water pollution regulations and their scientific basis

2.      Apply knowledge for the protection and improvement of the environment

3.      Ability to monitor and design the air and water pollution control systems

4.      Ability to select and use suitable waste treatment technique


Recommended Books:

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