Course Objective: To learn catalytic phenomena with extensions to reactor design and catalyst characterization.


Introduction: Current trend in applied catalysis, Evolution of important concepts and Techniques in Heterogeneous catalysis.


Adsorption: Adsorption isotherm and isobars, Kinetics of surface reactions, Rates of heterogeneous and homogeneous reactions.


Catalysis: Definition of catalyst activity, Selectivity of catalyst, Different types of catalyst and their applications, Engineering properties of catalysts, Preparation and characterization of catalysts, Method of estimating surface area, Method of estimating pore volume and diameter, Kinetics of fluid-solid, Non-catalytic and catalytic reactions and Kinetic parameters estimations.


Diffusion Effects and Deactivation of Catalysts: Effect of mass transfer on catalytic selectivity, Effect of intraparticle diffusion, Effect of interparticle transport, Bi-functional catalyst, Catalyst deactivation.


Heterogeneous Reactors: Fixed-bed reactor, Slurry reactor, Trickle bed reactor, Fluidized bed reactor and moving bed reactor.


Course Learning Outcomes (CLO):

  1. Knowledge of heterogeneous catalytic reactions and their applications in industry
  2. Understanding of the mechanism and kinetics of heterogeneous catalytic reactions
  3. Choice of catalytic materials, preparation and characterization of catalysts
  4. Consideration of mass and heat transfer effects in heterogeneous catalysis
  5. Ability to design reactors for heterogeneous catalytic reactions


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