Awarded Ph.Ds

SNO Name PhD Awarded year Supervisor Thesis Title
1 Kawal Jeet Singh 2001 Prof Arun K Lall, Prof DS Bawa Design and Analysis of Algorithms for Nesting Regular and Irregular Shape
2 Jyotsna Sengupta 2004 Prof PK Bansal On Fault Tolerant MINs for Multi-Processor Systems
3 Seema Bawa 2004 Prof GK Sharma Parallel and Distributed Algorithms for Test Generation
4 Amardeep Singh 2006 Dr Lalit Mohan Bhardwaj Quantum Search Applications to Automated Test Pattern Generation for VLSI Circuits
5 Deepak Garg 2007 "Prof S C Saxena, Dr Lalit Mohan Bhardwaj" Efficient Algorithm Design for Pattern Discovery in Bioinformatics Sequences
6 Maninder Singh 2007 "Prof S C Saxena, Prof Seema Bawa" A Proactive Network Surveillance Framework
7 Prabha Garg 2007 Prof S C Saxena Pharma Data Interpretation for Drug Discovery Process Using Artificial Intelligence
8 Varinder Pal Singh 2007 Prof RK Sharma, Prof GK Sharma Prof SK Chkraberty" , Soft Computing Techniques in Distributed Environment
9 Manish Kumar 2008 "Prof RK Sharma, Prof GS Lehal" Degraded Text Recognition of Gurmukhi Script
10 Anil Kumar Verma 2008 Prof RC Joshi, Prof Mayank Dave Design and Development of a Routing Protocol for Mobile Adhoc Networks
11 Rajesh Bhatia 2008 "Prof RC Joshi Prof Mayank Dave , Design and Development of Reusable Software Component Repository
12 Sakshi Kaushal 2009 Prof RK Sharma Modelling and Simulation of Traffic Control Mechanisms in ATM Networks
13 Inderveer Chana 2009 Prof Seema Bawa A Framework for Resource Management in a Grid Environment
14 Anju Sharma 2009 Prof Seema Bawa Efficient resource discovery in Grid Environment
15 Sarbjeet Singh 2009 Prof Seema Bawa A Security Policy Framework for Grid Services
16 Bhupinder Singh 2010 Prof Seema Bawa Meta-Heuristic Techniques for Grid Resource Management
17 Sandeep Kumar 2010 Prof Seema Bawa Performance of Multi-Stage Interconnection Networks for Multi-Processor Systems
18 Shalini Batra 2012 Prof Seema Bawa A framework for semantic web services discovery
19 Shashi 2012 Prof Seema Bawa Interoperability and Trust Management Solutions for establishing Secure Grids
20 Prateek Bhatia 2012 Prof R K Sharma UNL Based Machine Translation System For Punjabi Language
21 Shivani Goel 2012 Prof Ravi Kiran Designing a framework for an efficient ERP implementation in technical education institutes
22 Meeta Venkata Padmavati 2012 Prof Deepak Garg, Prof Kamala Krithivasan Modeling and Simulation of SNP Systems using Petri nets
23 Sushma Jain 2012 Prof JD Sharma Multicast Routing Algorithm for Computer Networks
24 Rajni 2013 Dr Inderveer Chana Qos Based Resource Provisioning and Scheduling in Grids
25 Sarbanti Maji 2013 Prof Deepak Garg Design of Algorithms for Gene Production
26 Bhawna Mallick 2013 Prof Deepak Garg, Prof SP Grover Developing Efficient Algorithms for Incremental Mining of Sequential Patterns
27 Ajay Kumar 2013 Dr Anil Kumar Verma Design & development of algorithms for converting parallel regular experssions to deterministic finite automata
28 Tulika 2014 Prof Deepak Garg, Prof MM Gore Developing event based middleware for information dissemination in vehicular ad-hoc networks
29 Gaurav Sharma 2014 Dr Anil Kumar Verma Design and Development of an efiicient cryptographic algorithm for wirless sensor networks
30 Krishan Kumar 2014 Dr VP Singh Neural network based power control algorithms for mobile ad-hoc networks
31 Kamal kumar 2014 Dr.Anil Kumar Verma , Dr.R.B. Patel Secure information dissemination in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks
32 Pankaj Deep Kaur 2014 Dr. Inderveer Channa QoS based scheduling in cloud computing
33 Neeraj Rathore 2014 Dr. Inderveer Channa An Efficient Dynamic and Decentralised Load Balancing Technique for Grid
34 Suman Bala 2014 Dr. Anil Kumar Verma An Efficient Key Management Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network
35 Sudhanshu Gupta 2014 Prof Deepak Garg Query estimation in data streams using micro-clustering
36 Rattan pal Singh 2014 Prof Deepak Garg Design and simulation of algorithm for the K-centre problem
37 Manoj Manuja 2014 Prof Deepak Garg Sematic web mining of unstructured data
38 Gurpreet Singh 2014 Dr. Anil Kumar Verma , Dr. Neeraj Kumar Design and Development of ACO Routing Protocol for Manets
39 Inderpreet Chopra 2015 Dr. Maninder Singh Autonomic model for self-healing and self-protection in grid computing using multi-agents
40 Sanmeet Kaur 2015 Dr. Maninder Singh A network security model for attack signature generation, tracking and analysis
41 Amit Kumar 2015 Dr. Maninder Singh Integrated network traffic visualization for threat detection, analysis and reporting
42 Seema Verma 2015 Prof Deepak Garg Improvement in performance of RSA cryptosystem
43 Anju BAla 2015 Dr. Inderveer Chana Autonomic Fault Tolerant Scheduling for Multiple WorkFlows in Clous Environment
44 Karamjit Kaur 2015 Dr. Rinkle Aggarwal A Novel Framework for Querying Multiparadigm Database
45 Ravinder Kumar 2015 2. Dr. R.K.Sharma
2. Dr. Anuj Sharma
Efficient preprocessing feature extraction and postprocessing algorithms for recognition of online handwritten gurmukhi script
46 Ravi Narayan 2015 2. Dr. V.P. Singh
2. Dr. S. Chakraverty
Design of Machine Translator based on QNN
47 Mamta Mittal 2015 Dr. R.K. Sharma
2. Dr. V. P. Singh
Efficient Detection and Interpretation of clusters in High Dimensional Databases
48 Dhavleesh Rattan 2015 Dr. Maninder Singh
2. Dr. Rajesh Bhatia
Design and Development of an Efficient Software Clone Detection Technique
49 Gurpreet Singh Bhamra 2015 Dr. Anil Kumar Verma
2. Dr. R.B. Patel
EA Framework for Association Rule Mining of Distributed Data
50 Ratinder Kaur 2016 Dr. Maninder Singh Efficient zero day attack detection technique
51 Jyotsna Sharma 2016 Dr. Maninder Singh DPI based forensic analysis of network traffic using Grid infrastructure
52 Avleen Kaur Malhi 2016 Dr. Shalini Batra A Framework for Secure Vehicular Communication Systems
53 KaryakarteMander Subhash 2016 Dr. Rajesh Khanna, Dr. Anil S. Tavildar Energy Efficient Routing Strategy for Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks
54 Jahangir Alam 2016 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Efficient load balancing algorithms for parallel and distributed systems
55 Vishal Sharma 2016 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Network Framework for Multi UAV Guided Ground Ad hoc Networks
56 Seemu Sharma 2016 Dr. SeemaBawa,Dr. HitashiLomash Designing cultural archives and its effective dissemination using social computing
57 Vandana Jindal 2016 Dr. SeemaBawa,Dr. Anil Kumar Verma A Framework for Efficient Query Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks
58 Sudhir Goyal 2016 Dr. SeemaBawa,Dr. Bhupinder Singh Energy Efficient Resource Scheduling Algorithms for Cloud Computing
59 Vikas jindal 2016 Dr. SeemaBawa,Dr. ShaliniBatra Efficient Framework for Semantic Search on Web
60 Priyanka 2016 Dr. InderveerChana,Dr. Ajay Rana A Framework for Testing As a Service over Cloud
61 Rajeev Tiwari 2016 Dr. Neeraj Kumar Dynamic Cache Invalidation in Wireless Environments
62 Anju Bhandari 2016 Dr. V. P. Singh Design and Performance Evaluation of Intelligent LSPs in Multiprotocol Label Switching Networks
63 Rasmeet Singh Bali 2016 Dr. Neeraj Kumar Efficient Secure Data Clustering in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
64 Amit Dua 2016 Dr. SeemaBawa,Dr. Neeraj Kumar Efficient Data Dissemination in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network
65 Vinod Kumar 2016 Dr. Neeraj Kumar Design and Implementation of an Efficient Framework for Web Page Classification
66 Geeta Kasana 2016 Dr. S.S. Bhatia,Dr. Kulbir Singh Design and Analysis of Wavelet Based Steganography Algorithms for JPEG2000 Images
67 Sukhpal Singh 2016 Dr. Inderveer Channa QoS Aware Automatic Resource Provisioning and Scheduling for Cloud Computing
68 Kuldeep Sharma 2016 Dr. Deepak Garg Efficient Randomized Algorithm for Graph Theoretic Applications
69 Lohit Kapoor 2016 Dr. SeemaBawa,Dr. Ankur Gupta An Efficient and Secure InterCloud framework
70 Nidhi Jain 2017 Dr. InderveerChana Energy-aware Load Balancing Techniques for Cloud Computing
71 ThokchomTangkeshwar Singh 2017 Dr. SeemaBawa, Dr. RenuVig , Dr. P.K. Bansal Off-line hand written character recognition of manipuri script
72 Nidhi Kalra 2017 Dr. Ajay Kumar On Variant of Regulated Grammar and Regulated Automaton
73 Karun Verma 2017 Dr. R.K. Sharma Efficient hidden markov models for online handwritten gurmukhi script recognition
74 Asmita Pandey 2017 Dr. Amit Kumar,Dr.Ruppa.K.Thulasiram Methods for Solving Multi-criteria Decision Making Problems with Imprecise Data
75 Sunita Garhwal 2017 Dr. Ram Jiwari Some improvements in the construction of fuzzy automata
76 Ashok Kumar 2017 Dr. Rajesh Kumar,Dr. Anju sharma Energy-efficient resource allocation in green clouds
77 Divya Pandove 2017 Dr.Shivani goel, Dr. Rinkle rani Big data clustering based recommendation system model through coorelations
78 Hari singh 2017 Dr. Seema bawa Efficient-grid gis framework for spatial data
79 Neenu Garg 2017 Dr. Seema bawa A framework for data integrity checking in cloud computing
80 Vinay arora 2017 Dr. Rajesh Bhatia,Dr. Maninder Singh Slicing technique for test path generation in concurrent programs
82 Priyanka Vashisht 2017 Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dr. Anju Sharma Agent Based efficient consistency control and replica management in data grids
83 Kailash Chander 2017 Dr. R.K. Sharma A framework for efficient web services Discovery
84 Rajiv Kumar 2017 Dr. Abhijit Mukherjee , Dr. V.P Singh Computing Techniques for classifying community sensor network data
87 Ranjeeta 2018 Dr. Sanjay Sharma An efficient algorithm for embedding digital watermark in curvelet domain
88 Vandana Bhatia 2018 Dr. Rinkle Rani Efficient Pattern Mining of Big Data using Graphs
89 Bhawna 2018 Dr. Anil Kumar Verma,Dr. L.R. Raheja Design and Development of an Efficient Secure AODV Routing Protocol
90 Gagangeet Singh Aujla 2018 Dr. Neeraj Kumar Renewable energy based efficient framework for sustainability of Data Centres