Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical Engineering Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1956 with the inception of the Institute to produce high quality engineers in the field of Mechanical Engineering to cater the needs of the newly Independent India. Since 1985, the department has increasingly focused on post graduate education and research. The Department offers undergraduate programs leading to B.E. Mechanical Engineering, B.E. Mechanical (Production Engineering), B.E. Mechatronics Engineering, Integrated B.E. Mechanical MBA; Postgraduate programs leading to M.E. CAD/CAM & Robotics, M.E. Production & Industrial Engineering, M.E. Thermal Engineering program; and Doctoral program leading to PhD Degree in emerging areas of research. The B.E. Mechanical Engineering Program is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology (ABET).

The department has aligned its curriculum with that of Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin, Ireland) as part of the academic collaboration to impart global standard education to the students. This collaboration offers exchange programmes for students and faculty, joint research initiatives and dual campus degrees where students can complete half of their course at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology's Patiala campus and the other half in Dublin. The Department aims to produce quality professionals in Mechanical Engineering to compete globally and excel by carrying out basic and applied research in emerging areas by forging strong industry - institute cooperation. The Department is also notable for its laurels in international forums like Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) Formula Student, Europe and has an active staff/student exchange program with the University of Waterloo, Canada. The Department has been able to attract numerous prestigious research and infrastructural grants in recent years from agencies such as AICTE, DRDO, DST, UGC. The department has high quality laboratories in the areas of Bulk Solids and Particulate Technologies, Heat & Mass Transfer, I.C engine, Manufacturing, Automation/Robotics, Computer Aided Designs etc. The faculty and staff are actively involved in fostering industrial collaboratios through training programs, workshops, consulting projects etc

Message from the Head

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (Deemed University) TIET, Patiala.

Mechanical Engineering is perhaps the broadest of all engineering disciplines. It involves a great deal of interdisciplinary wok. Mechanical Engineers use the principles of science and knowledge of materials, design and manufacturing to continuously develop new technologies and products. Creation of Robots, airplanes, cars, medical devices and micro sensors require a considerable involvement of mechanical engineering.

The department of Mechanical Engineering at TIET is one of the pioneering departments of the Institute and came into being in 1956 along with the establishments of Institute. In the last six decades, the department has made a steady progress and gown in stature. The UG programmes of the department are accredited by NBA and the B.E. Mechanical Engineering programme is also accredited by ABET.

The department offers four Bachelor’s courses: B.E. Mechanical Engineering, B.E. Mechanical Production Engineering, B.E. Mechatronics Engineering, Integrated B.E. Mechanical MBA, three Master’s courses: M.E. CAD/CAM Engineering, M.E. Production Engineering, M.E. Thermal Engineering program; and PhD educations in the same areas.

The department regularly revises its curriculum to align it with developments in technology and ever growing needs of industry. There is a significant industry connect which helps us to make our teaching-learning processes more effective and industry oriented. As a part of the academic contemporization to bring our teaching standards and practices at par with the best in the world, our curriculum has been harmonized with that of Trinity College Dublin. This contemporization process also includes training of entire faculty of the department on educational technologies, joint research by faculty of two institutions and student exchange.

The department has well equipped labs which are regularly upgraded and modernized with latest equipment and software for CAD, CAM and other areas. The competent and experienced faculty of the department is extensively involved in cutting edge research, in addition to effective classroom teaching, support beyond the classrooms and mentoring the students for their careers. Faculty members also continuously work for their professional development by attending and organising conferences and faculty development programme.

We are committed to continuously improve every aspect of teaching-learning process and research o realise our vision- “ To be among top ten departments in the country for higher technical education of global standards in Mechanical Engineering and its specialities.”

Dr T.P. Singh

Professor and Head, M.E.D

News & Update

  • "Dr. Dheeraj Gupta presented a paper titled "Development of Microwave Processed Ni+20% SiC based Composite Clads on AISI-304 Steel"" in the 2019 3rd International Conference on Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering (CAMME 2019) held at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on February 21-24, 2019.
  • Dr. Vivek Jain presented a paper titled "Experimental Investigation of Cutting Temperature during Drilling of Float Glass Specimen" in the 2019 3rd International Conference on Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering (CAMME 2019) held at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on February 21-24, 2019.
  • Prof. S.K. Mohapatra, Senior Professor, along with his PhD student, Sh Harmanpreet Singh visited BITS Pilabi, Dubai Campus for iCRAFT 5th to 7th December 2018. They presented two research articles entitled “Investigation of Various Parameters of Dual Fuel Engine Using Biomass Waste – Producer Gas as an Induced Fuel” and “Improvements in the Rheological Characteristics of the Complex Coal-Water Suspension Using Gasification Derived Waste Water” at this conference.
  • Dr. Gagandeep Bhardwaj, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering,has been awarded a prestigious project titled “Fracture Analysis of CNT Reinforced Composites using Extended Isogeometric Analysis (XIGA) for Structural Applications in Hygro-thermal Environment” by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India on 25th March 2019 for a period of 3 years under Early Career Research (ECR) Award.
  • Dr Vishal Gupta Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering was awarded a prestigious project tilted “Development of rotary ultrasonic bone drilling machine prototype” at IIT Delhi by the GYTI - BIRAC – SRISTI. He has brought this project to TIET in March 2019 and this project is in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Dr. Vishal Gupta has been awarded by the GYTI – 2017 award at President Bhawan New Delhi.
  • New pilot-plant developed under the project titled “On Developing Reliable Scale-Up Procedures and Design Optimization for Pneumatic Fly Ash Conveying Systems for 500/800/1000 MW” awarded by NTPC to Dr. S.S. Mallick (Associate Professor) and his team, Department of Mechanical Engineering, TIET (Deemed to be University), Patiala in the year 2018 for a period of 2 years with a grant of Rs. 1.15 crore has been commissioned. The project involves testing of 25 fly ash samples coming from 5 different power plants of NTPC, developing flow models and scale-up prediction for designing and troubleshooting future/existing power stations of NTPC. The new design is expected to result in reduction of the energy cost of ash transport by 40%, enhance system down-time and result in water saving of 10000 CuM of water per day from a 1000 MW coal fired thermal power plant.
  • Mr Parth Ahuja, a 3rd-year Mechanical student won the first prize in SpeeDAC, an event involving creating 16 parts of the Globe valve and assembling them from drawings accurately in the time challenge of two hours in a event "ADVITYA" organised by IIT, Ropar from 29th - 31st March 2019.
  • Mr. Parth Ahuja, Ripudaman Singh (3rd Year B.Tech. MEE student) and Akshit Gupta (2nd Year B.Tech. MEE student) won second prize of 12,000 INR in CADathon, in which the team had to create a 3D model to solve a problem or an innovation in 15 hours in a event "ADVITYA" organised by IIT, Ropar from 29th - 31st March 2019.
  • Dr. J. S. Saini went for 1 year post-doctoral research work at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland from 6th Dec., 2017 to 5th Dec, 2018. Dr. Saini worked in the area of metal 3D printing of Titanium and Cobolt Chromium alloys, used for biomedical implants, in collaboration with DePuy Synthes (Johnson & Johnson), Ireland. He had hands-on research experience on metal 3D printing machines i.e., ProX 200 and Realizer SLM 50. Dr. Saini is now aiming to continue his research work in the 3D printing area by developing the necessary facilities at TIET.
  • Dr. Daljeet Singh has taken up post-doc assignment at TCD on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing with effect from 12 February 2019.
  • Dr. Amandeep Singh Oberoi, Assistant Professor, MED  gave expert talk in a 2-days workshop on ‘Graphene based Device Fabrication and Characterization’ sponsored by MHRD under TEQIP-III held at UIET, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra in February 2019.
  • PADMINI VNA visited the campus and conducted interviews for onr year internship of ME students on 4th April 2019. Two students have been selected with a likely stipend of Rs. 18000 and prospects of PPO.
  • STRYKER visited the campus on 15th March 2019 and conducted interviews for onr year internship of ME students. Six students have been selected with a likely stipend of Rs. 25000 and prospects of PPO.
  • Guest Lecture by Mr. Sumit Deb, Market Development Lead (India)-IoT Product Engineering, Cisco (California USA)-Topic: IoT and Automation for Mechanical Engineers on 14th Jnauray for Mechatronics students.
  • Guest lecture on 9th January, 2019 by International faculty, Prof. Razi Nalim, Executive Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programmes, Purdue University School of Engineering and Technology Indianapolis, USA on the topic: Development of a Wave-Rotor Constant-Volume Combustor with Traversing Jet Ignition.
  •  Expert talk by Mr V.K Sethi, Director Corporate Strategy, Bony Polymers Private Limited, Faridabad on 24th January 2019 on the topic-" Competencies required among graduating engineers and the ways & avenues to acquire these competencies "
  • Expert talk by Mr R.K.Sharma, General Manager and Head Skill Development, JBM Auto Limited, Faridabad on 24th January 2019 on the topic-"Changing scenario in the industry and need for acquiring knowledge and skills for managing today's complex industrial systems."
  • Newly developed Dom and Vibration laboratory in the month of February 2019 in Mechanical Engineering Department is developed for both undergraduate course studies and for conducting research in the field of noise and vibration engineering.  It has a number of experimental setups designed to demonstrate physical principles of dynamics of machines and noise and vibration engineering.   The lab is also equipped with necessary instruments required for the measurement, analysis and control of vibration in structures and measurement of  noise generated in machines  and automobiles.  
  • Surface engineering and tribology research laboratory has been developed in Februray 2019 in Mechanical engineering department to carry out research and development in the area of surface engineering which includes microwave material processing facility and tribological investigation of various aspects of surface engineered bulk/coated/cladded or processed materials. Currently, a project has been undergoing titled “Development of microwave processed cavitation resistant cladding” funded by DST-SERB.
  • "Mechatronics and Robotics Society (MARS) conducted  a three-lecture-series in the area of Robotics on 25th March 2019. The Title of the secture is ""Robotics to Rural - Innovative Teaching and Research Approaches "" by Prof. S K Saha, IIT Delhi. "
  • Almost 100 studnts of second year, Mechanical Engineering visited M/S Kansal Industries at Dera Bassi on 16th February, 2019. The students saw a wide range of operations and equipement including CMS, Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, 5 axis machine in addition to Conventional machines. Dr. T.P. Singh, Dr. H.L. Bhowmick and Dr. Bikramjit Sharma accompanied to students.
  • Dr. T.P. Singh, Dr. T.K. Bera, Dr. Madhup Mittal and Dr. Rajendra Godara visited M/S Amber Enterprises on 13th December 2018. M/S Amber is a manufacturer of various brands of airconditioners in B2B market.The visit resulted in internship of BE students of the department and is likely to bring collaberation between TIET and Amber in research. The two sides have signed an NDA document.
  • Dr. T.P. Singh, Dr. T.K. Bera and Dr. S.S. Mallick visited M/S. Sandhar Group, Gurgaon, M/s. Pdmini VNA Gurgaon, M/S LG Electronics, M/S LG Soft and M/S Bajaj during 11-15th March 2019 to discuss the matter regarding one year internship of ME students with a prospect of PPO. The comapnies liked the idea and assured to take it forward. Dr. T.P. Singh, Dr. T.K. Bera and Dr. S.S. Mallick visited M/S. M/S Forbes Marshal, M/S Kirloskar Brothers, M/S Cumins and M/S Thermax in Pune on March 13 and 14, 2019 to discuss the matter regarding one year internship of ME students with a prospect of PPO. The comapnies liked the idea and assured to take it forward.
  • Dr. T.P. Singh visited M/S Victora Tools, M/S V.G. Industries, M/S Bony Polymers, M/S JBM Engineering and M/S SPL Ltd. on 16-18th August 2018 in connection with six months internship programme of B.E. Students of the department and also for identifying additional skills to be provided to diploma students to improve their skill levels and make them more employable.


Interview of Ph.D. candidates (Dec. 2019)-MED:-