Activities of CILP:
Campus Recruitment Programme
Project Semester for UG & Internship for PG students
Summer Training Programme
Industry Institute Interaction


CILP arranges campus interviews for placement of final year students of all branches by inviting various Public Sector and Private organization. A data base of organizations is available with CILP which is continuously updated.

All students of various BE engineering disciplines are required to spend a full six month’s semester in the industry completing an industrial project under the joint supervision of industry supervisors and TIETU faculty. Similarly the students of MCA do a System Development Project (SDP) of sixteen weeks duration, the students of M.Sc spend a six weeks summer training & students of MBA spend two months training in the industry. This provides a system of education that formally integrates academic studies with related work experience. More than 150 Industries provided Project slots/Training to our students, CILP assists in arranging project semester slots for various branches of engineering.ME/M.Tech Students from Computer Science, Electrical Instrumentation, Electronics Communication, Biotech & Mechanical Engineering Departments go for One Year Internship.

CILP also assists in arranging six week’s summer training for students of BE IIyr of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electronics (Instrumentation & Control), Electrical and Computer Engineering disciplines.

CILP is closely involved in Industry/Institute Interaction Programmes such as Faculty Exchange Programme, Mobility of Industrial Personnel Programme and Joint Research Projects in collaboration with industries.

Placement Data




Academic Year Companies Visiting  Offer Received Companies Visiting  Offer Received Total Offers
2013-2014 174 1103 20 42 1145
2014-2015 185 1090 28 58 1148
2015-2016 203 1175 28 86 1261
2016-2017 268 1188 39 85 1273
2017-2018* 322 1247 53 96 1343
2018-2019** 252 885 49 86 971

*Till 31.12.2018 

**Till 31.01.2019